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Client Engagement Model

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • Method

    Working with Consulting service provider requires an appropriate management and resourcing structure at both client and service partner level. It is not a quick solution to cutting the costs, but when managed, it can help to reduce delivery expenses over some period of time. Managing a dedicated services team mean clear communication and direction, including the team in project communications and remembering, that out of sight is not out of mind.

  • Operational Structure

    The way one manage a Consulting services team is the same as managing the local team, except for a few nuances as a distance etc. Defining the structure of distributed teams, so that engineers at any location are not treated as augmented team members reporting to a manager or a leader at a different location, is very critical to the success of distributed projects. Characterizing them as a part of your own existing team will help you not only to ease the management process but will ease the understanding of the dedicated team. The following figure presents a high level project reporting framework for small/midsized activities.

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