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360-degree Panorama Visual effects and Animation


360-Degree Flyaround and Virtual Tour

NexelT’s mission is to develop and promote the professional and artistic uses of 360° panoramas, image based VR and related technologies worldwide. It has worked with professional photographers, programmers, web developers, designers, software developers, hardware manufacturers, artists and enthusiasts, who produce immersive experience. Interactive walkthroughs from any vantage point, actual simulation of sunlight during any particular time of the day, etc. Potential clients can also experience a realistic simulation of how a future property or interior design looks like. The process framework is similar to the Rendering process from 3D Model creation up to Interior/Exterior and landscape creation. Follow on process is different.

360-Degrees panorama is the most realistic way of exploring buildings such as houses and flats, hotels and restaurants, cafés, concert and conference halls, galleries, museums, magazines, and also open air premises, such as architectural ensembles, landscape design’s compositions, sighting attractions and other places. In contrast to video and standard photographs, 3D panorama is highly interactive. One can rotate images with intermittent stops to examine details of different components, to get extra information, activate or deactivate the sound.