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2D to 3D CAD Digital Conversion

2D Paper Drawings to 3D CAD Digital Conversion Service

A common problem within the AEC industry is how to utilize 2D paper drawings in an electronic drawing environment. With the shift in the industry towards 3D modeling, this question has naturally evolved to “How can I convert a 2D paper drawing into a 3D Digital model?” NexelT’s extensive skill base execute 3D projects using a range of software/ applications. Latest standards and techniques in 2D image to 3D conversions are used to develop CAD projects. 3D in CAD enables one to store files in a more organized and efficient manner, giving greater flexibility and increasing productivity.

Services provided are as follows

1. Image or Vector Data projection into desired coordinate systems
2. Cleaning of complex vector data of point, line and polygon features
3. Creation and attachment of object attribute data to specified objects
4. Conversion of topological data into object data

NexelT applies CAD Industry Best practices and latest standards in the operations workflow to help out the following industry professionals.

1. Engineering and Architectural Community;
2. Interior Designers;
3. Fabricators, Construction Contractors and extended supply chain.

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NexelT 3D CAD Digital Conversion services Include

1. Paper to CAD Conversion;
2. PDF to CAD Conversion;
3. TIFF to CAD Conversion;
4. PDF to CAD Conversion;
5. JPEG to CAD Conversion;
6. BMP to CAD Conversion;
7. 2D/3D CAD Outsourcing Drafting;
8. Design CAD Blocks; Raster image to CAD;
9. Hand sketches to CAD Conversion;
10. Scanned documents to CAD Conversion;
11. Velum or Blueprint to CAD Conversion;
12. Photographs to CAD Conversion.