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Business Cost Reduction

NexelT BCRS Assessment (N – BCRS) and Consulting Service

NexelT BCRS Assessment (N – BCRS) and Consulting Service is designed to assess and evaluate client business processes and identify problems / areas / bottlenecks / cost reduction opportunities across the value chain where clients can target 30 % plus improvement. The overall assessment of the Business functional domains and processes are benchmarked against top class global industry best practices and recommendations (mapping to a set of competitive solutions) provided for overall elevation to meet current and future corporate road map (5 to 10 years horizon).

6 STEPS N - BCRS Business Transformation plan

A. Current State Assessment
B. Identify areas of potential cost reduction
C. Perform Gap analysis
D. Develop an organizational Change Management plan
E. Design the Future State
F. Develop an Implementation plan
G. Implement Changes via Phased implementation plan, Knowledge Transfer and sustain Improvements

Benefits of Business Cost Reduction Services

1. Simplified Local or Global operations
2. Lower cost structure
3. Reduced Risks
4. Product and Services safety
5. Improved Predictability
6. Superior Quality
7. Enhanced Business Consistency
8. Global integration of complex processes in real time
9. Upfront readiness for changes in global economic climate